Beginner workshop:  4 Hours Session- Fee Rs 1000-One day Course

Basics of Drawing

  • Importance of line strength, practice line strength. Vertical, horizontal, cross, curves
  • Introduction to Basic shapes and using basic shapes how to draw mammals and birds
  • Different pencil grip and different methods of shading

Intermediate workshop: 6 Hours Session- Fee Rs 2000- Two days Course

  • Studying importance of lighting and types of lighting
  • Perspective study
  • Proportions and Gestures
  • Outdoor sketching. Follow the rules of composition and lighting
  • Gestures Drawings

Advance workshop: 16 Hours Session-Fee Rs 10000-4 days Course 

  • Detail discussion on type of materials and textures for different subjects
  • Introduction to various types of styles art
  • Still life study using the various styles of art and using different materials
  • Introduction to animal portraits, human portraits
  • Fur and feathers study
  • Proportions study for birds and mammals
  • Introduction to chapters on art history and dissecting works of great masters
  • Live human portrait study
  • Live animal portrait study
  • Combining landscapes, birds, mammals and humans into your artwork
  • Field visit to local zoo for live study of birds, mammals and humans

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